Zombie Eaters

"This song is two separate ideas put together. The whole beginning, including all the guitar parts, was written by Jim. The second half was one of the first things we ever wrote years ago. It started off as a rhythm exercise we used to jam on. There's this really cool counter-rhythm that I do toward the end of it."
Bill Gould 1990, The Real Thing Bass Guitar Transcription Book.

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In the early days Faith. No More called this second part of the song, the rhythm exercise, Surprise! You're Dead. This is is the first time they jammed as Faith. No More (October 1983), and pay attention to the rhythm exercise -> 1:04.

Then in December of 1983, their second show with Walter O'Brien (vocals) and Stew (guitars) -> 00:30

Then a funny version in early 1984, with Mark Bowen (guitar) and Courtney Love (vocals):

When Jim Martin joined the band in late 1984 he had  a song called "Zombie Eaters" and the band merged the two songs together. Zombie Eaters was released in 1989 on the album The Real Thing:

So what happened to Surprise! You're Dead? Mike Patton liked the title and used it on another song, also written by Jim Martin, on the same album: