The second show

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On December 30th 1983 Faith. No More played their second show ever, at the Fiesta House in L.A. Mark Stewart (aka Stew), Gould and Mosley's band member from The Animated, played guitar. A friend of the band, Walter O'Brien, was on vocals. This was their only show with Faith. No More.

Walter O'Brien, how did you get involved with Faith. No More?
I met Bill and Mike through Roddy, and met Roddy at San Francisco State University in the fall of 1983. I always had a fantasy of being a rock star, so when Roddy suggested signing for Faith. No More I took up the opportunity. The core of the band was of course Bill, Mike and Roddy, but they were looking for a permanent guitarist and singer. They had that upcoming show at the Fiesta House in Los Angeles and were in need of a singer.

Faith. No More - Live - Death Disco (1983)

Death Disco - lyrics:

Buried in a pit so dark so deep
Buried under a level of 16 ft.
Maggots gnawing at my bloody damp bones
The screamings, the howlings the groanings the moans
It was just me & a big fat cop
He tru me in the pit & let me rot
If you don't believe what I say is true
Beware lest the same fate befall you

They had a rehersal space at a place called the Vats in San Francisco which was an old Hamm's beer brewery converted into rehersal spaces for Punk bands. We actually practiced in a 40'x10'x10' beer vat!. I rehearsed with them several times in preparation for the show. We would also hang out at their apartement on Shotwell where Ryddy, Bill and a slew of others lived. We would discuss their plans for the band along with the occult significance of their eight pointed star. Friends of the band from the Shotwell house and school traveled to to L.A. to see the Fiesta House show.

Even at that time those guys had a musical sophistication that set them apart from other bands, and the drive to be a great band, recognition of which they achieved a few years later. I look fondly upon the time I spent with them. My musical career anded with FNM. I am however an avid music lover and have collected 3000 LPs & about 500 78 recordings (no CDs or downloads!). I collect Jazz, Rock and Modern Classical. I should add that in addition to being a music lover, my late father in law, Grover Mitchell ,had  a successful career as a jazz musician & won the Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album twice as leader of the Count Basie Orchestra.

Faith. No More - Live - Mike's Disco (1983)

Mike's Disco - lyrics

It's no fun anymore (nobody likes you anymore)
When your down & out dirt poor


Mark Stewart (aka Stew) - Faith. No More's 3rd guitarist.

Mark Stewart, known by his stage name Stew, used to play guitar in The Animated, Bill Gould and Chuck Mosley's old band from L.A. The Fiesta House show was his only show with Faith. No More. In the early 1990s he formed a band called The Negro Problem and later went on to release albums under his own name. 

Starting in 2004, he began writing the book, lyrics and music (with Heidi Rodewald) for his semi-autobiographical rock musical Passing Strange, which won him the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding lyrics. In 2006, he and Rosdewald continued to produce Passing Strange and the play garned seven Tony nominations in 2008, with Stew recieving four nominations and winning the award for Best Book. The play closed in July 2008, with Spike Lee filming the final performance for a feature film which screened at the Sundance Festival in January 2009.

"You don't know me and I don't know you
so let's cut to the chase, the name is Stew"

From Passing Strange, 2008

"Drinking like a fish, smoking like a dragon. It won't be long till I'm riding the paddy wagon". Walter, let's not forget your legendary lyrics.
It all seems so silly, but I did throw all this together in a couple of weeks amongst much partying and libation.




Walter O'Brien's handwritten lyrics.

Sad Disco Guy
Have you ever seen a disco man cry
Your girlfriend never slept w/ you

She might think you're ugly
She might think you're scum
And I'm sure
You never have any fun
She thinks you're a wimp
for picking your pimles
But what she don't understand
Is that you want a lot of dimples

A Little Tale of Abuse
A little tale of abuse
Mandy was of little use
Exept for the money he exchanges for friendship
& his giving his last ounce of worship
In the deep, dark recesses of his mind
You can find a bottle of wine



Walter's handwritten lyrics

Walter O'Brien's handwritten lyrics.

Arabian Song
Two bottles of wine
Three pints of gin
Puts me in the condition
That I'm in
Drinking like a fish & smoking like a dragon
It won't be long till I'm riding the paddy wagon.


song list.

Song list for Faith. No More's second show

Walter O'Brien's song list for Faith. No More's 2nd show (1983)