Scott Culbertson

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Scott Culbertson 2012

Scott Culbertson 2012

Scott Culbertson, 2012.

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Scott Culbertson grew up in San Diego County and moved to San Francisco with the intention of being a musician. Half a lifetime later, he's still living the dream. Along the way he's been in many Bay Area bands, including one that made the big time.

Scott Culbertson, why don't you start by telling a little bit about yourself; your background as a guitar player and why you moved to San Fransisco to be a musician?

My dad actually wanted me to play violin, but my classmates in junior high convinced me that violin was for nerds so I started hauling around on my older brother's vintage '69 black and white Rickenbacker bass to 7th grade classes. Instant coolness. I taught myself to play by ear and played bass in garage bands that never played anywhere, as there was really nowhere to play. At 15, my first trip to a Camp Pendleton pawn shop netted a no-name Telecaster copy, and I had my first ever 6-string guitar. I taught myself bar chords and started trying to play Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest. In 1982 at 18, I quit playing bass, moved to SF and stepped right into the the raging SF post-punk scene. I played in the SubGenius Churh noise-band Life Without Bob and then I met Bill Gould.


«I called Bill and impersonated Scott to get invited to audition. I was bassist in Soldiers of Fortune who shared the vats studio with Faith. No Man.» Mark Culbertson, Scott's brother.


F.NM 1983 promo photo.jpg

Faith. No More promo photo 1983

Faith. No More promo photo 1983.
L to R: Walter O'Brien, Mike Bordin, Bill Gould, Scott Culbertson and Roddy Bottum.


So how long did you play with Faith. No More and what was the band lineup?
I did 4 months with Faith. No More. We didn't actually "play" any gigs that I can recall, but we did have gigs where we were on the bill with several, too many, other bands, who played before us. Each band before us would run over their allotted time. The show would get later and later until finally the club would close, or maybe the police shut it down for being too crowded, and we never even got to play our set!! I think that happened twice. I was frustrated by this.

The band was Bill on bass, Roddy on keyboards, Mike on drums, and me. Courtney Love joined on vocals as I was quitting. I didn't think things were very organized, but I thought we had a very powerful sound together. I have warm regard for Bill, Roddy and Mike B. I used to see Bill and Roddy frequently around town after they were famous and they were unchanged by it.

Although you didn't play any shows or record anything with the band, you still got an "Extra Extra Special Thanks to Scott Colbertson for the inspiration to Death March".
Yeah, from what Roddy told me I had been riffing around with a line and they decided to put lyrics to it and had Jim Martin play the part. Except the part Jim is playing is not really what I was playing at all. The notes are the same, I suppose, but the feel is just worlds apart. But, they decided to give me "extra extra special thanks" on their second album, which was really very nice.




Scott Culbertson with The Eldorados at Thee Parkside in SF, May 2010.