Paula Frazer

Paula Frazer

Paula Frazer

Paula Frazer, Great American Music Hall, 2012.

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Paula Frazer grew up in Georgia and and moved to San Francisco in 1981. In 1984 she played one show with Faith. No More. In the 1990s she was fronting the band Tarnation and has appeared on recordings and in concert with many bands and solo artists including Sean Lennon, Frightwig and
Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Paula Frazer, what do you remember from that show you did with Faith No More?
I don't remember doing the show really so I don't have many details. It was such a long time ago. It was at the On Broadway Club in North Beach, San Francisco. I sang and played guitar, with Roddy, Bill and Mike. They didn't have a guitar player and were just having friends sit in temporarily. I was friends with Roddy. We worked at a movie theatre together.


One song from that show is up on YouTube, what do you think of it?

I think I sound awful on that recording. It was totally made up on the spot and not ever done again - as far as I know unless they turned the band part into a song or something. The band sounds fine but my singing was bad - if you can call it singing.


Well, some of us think it sounds really cool.