Craig Shell


Craig Shell

Craig Shell

Craig Shell, 1982.

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In October of 1983 Faith. No More recorded their first cassette, only made in 200 copies. It was recorded in an abandoned beer vat. On guitar: Craig Shell.

I hereby declare you Faith. No More's first (unofficial) guitarist ever, congratulations.
Craig Shell: Thank you. Faith. No More and my band, Soldiers of Fortune, shared a rehearsal space. It was actually an abandoned beer vat in the Flagstaff brewery. They didn't have a guitar player at the time so I was filling in. Later Bill and I were partners in a concert / show company. We brought a number of punk rock shows to San Francisco, back in the 1980's. 

I understand you also are familiar with their current guitar player, Jon Hudson?
Jon used to work for me at my bar, Armadillos. I think he was auditioning for the band when he was working for me.

The Vats
Bill Gould: There was a place in SF called "The Vats", which was an old abandoned Anheiser Busch beer factory...but the beer vats inside were fairly large...large enough to live and/or rehearse in them. Anyway, the place was squatted by all sorts of people, mostly punks and punk bands. Roddy had a friend Carmine who had a band space there, and after Morris was out, this was where we decided we would keep our gear, jam out. 

Our rehearsals consisted of long jam sessions of skips, loops and rhythms, played very, very stoned. Those percussion jams on the backside of the cassette form our 1st show tape were recordings of that period. There were no rules, etc but we took the experimentation pretty far (personally as well as musically) and I don't think we were the tidiest of people to share a studio space with. I don't really remember the details, but we either left or got kicked out of that space, but Craig had a space of his own upstairs with his band Soldiers of Fortune. I think he lived in that space too, and I know that for a little while I crashed out there too.

Anyway, we'd be jamming and one day Craig came in, picked up a guitar, I had a ghetto blaster, and there you go. That’s our first cassette, we only made 200 of them.

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Chronological list of FNM guitar players

Official (boring) list by Bill Gould Unofficial (cool) list by
1. M Morris
2. Jake Smith
3. Stew
4. Paula Frazer
4.5 Scott Culbertson (no live shows)
5. Mark Bowen
6. Desmond Shea
7. Jim Martin
8. Trey Spruance
9. Dean Menta
10. Jon Hudson

Faith. No Man
1. M Morris

Faith. No More
1. Craig Shell
2. Jake Smith
3. Stew
4. Paula Frazer
5. Scott Culbertson
6. Mark Bowen
7. Desmond Shea
8. Jim Martin

Faith No More
1. Jim Martin
2. Trey Spruance
3. Dean Menta
4. Jon Hudson